Women should stop doing this one thing in dating

It’s hurting you more than you think

Shannon Vaughn
2 min readApr 12


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Online dating has become the norm in how we connect and meet. Women should take just as many precautions when meeting men online, as they would meeting men in the real world. Crazies online, crazies offline are one and the same.

A family member told me when meeting and talking to men online she’d, “rather tell the truth than not. I’d rather not lie by not saying anything,” in response to me asking why she reveals so much to strangers.

One guy asked why she didn’t become a mother till 38. Her response, “Because I was celibate for most of my 20’s because I had a crazy ex that resulted in a shootout…..”

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

My suggestion to her was to stop revealing information about herself so early to men she hardly knew. “Men are judgmental,” I warned. “So you don’t wanna give out information they don’t need to know too early. Whether you think so or not, men look at that stuff. All you had to say was God’s timing and left it at that. The rest he doesn’t need to know right now.”

I believe my advice fell on deaf ears.

The other day while strolling the Twitter streets my advice was confirmed by a user.

Take a look:

Screenshot via Twitter

Here’s more:

Screenshot via Twitter

And there you have it from the horses mouth itself.

Stop oversharing information about your past that is not relevant in your present or future. Men are not your fixers, therapists, or life coaches.

They don’t care about your past in a way you’d think. The information you tell, can and will be used against you in the court of love, dating, and relationships.

Be smart. Stop giving out free ammunition.



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