Real Spill: Live your life like your legacy depends on it

Shannon Vaughn
2 min readMay 9, 2022
Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash

The recent passing of controversial Youtuber Kevin Samuels was all the buzz on social media this past weekend. Seeing endless comments from non supporters and supporters alike had me thinking of his family. Particularly his mother, if she were still living, which I later found out she is.

The more I scrolled the more I saw how he affected people differently. Some claimed he helped them lose weight, be better in their own marriages, or had seen improvement in their dating life. Others spewed satisfaction that he had reaped what he sowed, by way of putting black women down unapologetically to say the least when speaking on his podcast.

I’d never celebrate the passing of a human being. But with all the fuss around this man, it had me thinking of what his legacy is or would be. The sides seemed pretty split. But I’d say the side who were negatively affected by this man would have more impact on his legacy.

He made just as many people feel bad about themselves than good. His messages albeit with some truth in them, were not received in good faith. Just think, some of his last words to people, some of his last words people have listened to weren’t the best.

And now he’s gone. One never knows.

My question to myself is: If today were my last day, what would the consensus on who Shannon Vaughn is, be? What would those near and far say? How would they feel?

For my son’s, mom, grandmother, and sister I would be leaving behind, it would matter to me what people would have to say. Especially for my mom who birthed and raised me right.

I’m not perfect. But I do have a duty to be the best person possible in the sight of God, myself, and family.

When people think of me I want them to think and feel good things. That is a part of my legacy.

And none of us in my opinion should take it lightly.