Quick lesson on how to teach people how to treat you

It’s easier than you think

Shannon Vaughn


Photo by NEOSiAM 2024+ via Pexels

Even if I weren’t a single parent, the mindset of every dollar counts would hold true.

Every bill leaving the bank has purpose.

Recently, a long time associate of mine began some work. Unable to finish the same day, I asked how much he wanted for the drive over and the work that had been done.

“All of it,” he responded.

I handed him the full amount in good faith he’d return to complete the job in a timely manner.

That was in October.

The new year has arrived and the work remains incomplete. When I called to check in he told me he could make it the following weekend.

Cool. Until he said the two words that set me off.

“Calm down.”

Excuse me?

I reminded him that he had been paid the full amount for work that had yet to be completed. My tone throughout the conversation was simple and plain. Naturally, telling me to calm down when I was already calm was triggering.

As personal development would have it, the decision to stop arguing and going back and forth with people, led me to push the red button immediately.