Is there really no benefit to marriage?

One truth about the ultimate commitment lost in the social content sauce

Shannon Vaughn


Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

If social media was the real world we’d all be in trouble. The vastness of it makes anyone who reads the headlines think what is out there is the dominating opinion. Fortunately and unfortunately keyboard warriors are rarely that tough outdoors.

Men have long claimed marriage only benefits women. These sentiments are regurgitated as business transactions leaving men broke weekend dad’s. I mean really, I’m sure the 70% of women who file for divorce are living the high life after sweeping their thousandnaire exes accounts at the sound of the judges gavel.

Of late, women are beginning to question what’s in it for them. A ring on the finger no longer justifies the majority of cooking, cleaning, and child rearing the woman is expected to perform, along with working full time.

If women begin to discard the idea of marriage like men — what does that leave for men? It means they no longer get basic needs met. You know the chef, maid, half bill payer, and sex services men receive yet fail to mention as benefits.

From a surface level, the questioning of the benefit to marriage can be countered with what is the benefit to anything? From vegans to non vegans, the abstinent to the active, the gym goers to couch sitters, the list goes on where there is no absolute answer.

Regardless of who benefits from marriage and who doesn’t the truth few acknowledge is that marriage is a personal choice. It benefits those who choose and live it for the right reasons.

Marriage is a lifestyle choice. There is no right or wrong. The problem is the number of people entering into such commitments ill equipped. And until that changes the negative rhetoric surrounding marriage will continue.