I sold my wedding dress on Craigslist

Who knew letting go could bring joy?

Shannon Vaughn


Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

After several years of being in a relationship, I’d received the proposal of my life.

For some, the search for a dress is overwhelming. Within two months of my search I’d found the one. Call me lucky.

The model was one I’d saw myself in. Even mom agreed. The dress unlike any other, adorned with a burgundy reddish design up top with a veil to match with the trim, blew me away at first sight.

Every woman deserves to wear the dress she feels was made just for her. And for me this was it. Which may be why after the vow exchange it was hard to part with.

I didn’t have daughters to pass down to. Who says they’d even want it?

It symbolized something. A union. One I’d never dreamed of.

My childhood wasn’t filled with Barbies and Ken’s playing make believe. My teen years weren’t spent scribbling my crush’s last name after mine in notebooks.

I was me. In my head living my life my way.

The result? One man took notice and locked me down.

It was a beautiful day. Everyone loved my dress, and I loved it even more once the pictures returned. Given that, who was I to deprive another woman of this feeling?

The following Spring I posted it for sale on Craigslist with my first inquiry coming within a week. The buyer inquired about the veil only. Other offers came in for the dress. Unwilling to split the set I declined them all.

Then came another that would be the last. She wanted the dress, veil, and was willing to pay the asking price.

We agreed on a meetup location. A Quiktrip parking lot.

We greeted each other with a smile. She handed me the money as I relinquished the dress.

“Thank you,” she said while looking at it.

The joy in her voice and on her face melted my heart. Seeing and feeling that confirmed my decision was the right one. I had reservations on selling something that was a big part in the story of my life for a fraction of the cost. But, it meant that I was secure in my new relationship and life enough to let it go.

I put a smile on another woman’s face. A wife to be.

What’s better than that?