I became my own boss and fired myself

Why I quit my two longest relationships

Shannon Vaughn
3 min readMar 21


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The notion one must be self employed to be their own boss is utter untruth. From a literal perspective, sure. But not from a figurative stance.

No one is exempt from life’s routine trappings. Work, family, responsibilities such as bills, self care, etc. All or some things must be handled daily to stay afloat. The realization that changes can be made at any time is elusive, and for years we remain in unfavorable or non progressive situations.

A time in my personal and professional life, had come for me to take the reigns and turn tides. But first, I had to understand the power I had.

A real job with benefits isn’t a priority at nineteen. That would be the age I met my eventual husband. At twenty-three I birthed our first son. Within the next four years I’d graduate college, land my first “real” job and purchased my first home.

Each step was scary. Being on my own, becoming a mother, homeowner, and all the responsibility and sacrifices needed to balance it all. Looking back, like most of us in our youth, there a was level of naïveté and belief that dreams could still be fulfilled.

You don’t know it quite yet. But life as an adult is full time all the time. No days off. And before you know, the days, years fly without a care. While the dreams you had fade farther away.

It took a few years to find my groove professionally and personally. Once I found a routine I was good to go. And that can be problematic. Routines turn to ruts. Life becomes redundant. Cyclical.

The work politics show themselves when applying for better positions. The kids getting older means more challenges to deal with. Your person begins to change from who you fell in love with.

Everyday, waking up to life grateful (at least I was), yet not seeing life go in the direction you want it to. For the sake of it all, I settled in a way. Just to keep it all together, even if it didn’t make me happy.

After ten years on the job, I decided it was time to leave. Things weren’t gonna change regarding the scheduling that kept me working every weekend and most holidays. My son’s were getting older and missing…



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