Don’t buy another online course till you’ve read this

Shannon Vaughn
2 min readDec 31, 2021
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Tis the season to become the new you. There will be new products/courses unleashed, enticing end of year sales, and a new urge to splurge on all of it.

Let me ask you this: What happened with the last two courses you bought? Did you watch them? Take notes and apply the concepts? Likely not.

Social media influencers are like the modern day versions of late night infomercials. Except we don’t have to stay up late and jot down the 800 number on a pad. We’re inundated with posts, stories, and emails on the release and/or sale of their new course or preexisting ones.

FOMO is just the same. We buy a course prematurely then it sits in our inbox until the opportune time comes to open it. Most times, when we do take it, we don’t apply it.

Earlier this year I bought a course I planned on using because it went on sale. I have yet to use it. Money wasted? Meh.

Here’s some tips headed into the new year on course and ebook buying:

If it’s not something you plan on doing in the next 30 days, don’t buy. Time gets away from all of us. We had every intention on starting that business or writing that book when we bought the course. Then we get it, become distracted and something else takes its place. Plan on using the information immediately after its consumed. Or don’t buy.

Don’t let the course be your starting point. If buying a course is your first introduction to the subject you’re doing it wrong. The internet is free. Google search. YouTube binge. Ask friends or family what and who they know. Buying a course may be a waste after some due diligence. Treat your own money like a business. Every dollar spent counts.

Don’t waste a dime.

In the end, its all about production.

Entrepreneurs develop and produce products for profit. As consumers we must use the information, turn around and do the same. Other than that, what are we doing?

Shannon Vaughn

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