Shannon Vaughn

Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur

The things you learn from your kid during dinner. He’s 13 and a pretty good basketball player. He revealed to me he wants to play high school football.

Mind you, he hasn’t played organized football a day in his life. Safety is the number one priority when our kids play…



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The comparison trap is so easy to fall in. Especially in relationships/marriages.

An associate of mine had been married for 22 years. A well-built nice looking business owner.

One day, he sent me a video of him having sex with his mistress; wedding band on.

Come to think, I never…



Sep 7

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It’s something having a father. He’s like your superhero.

You rubbed my bike falls with camphophenique.

Taught me about boys. What to watch out for.

The consequences of not keeping my legs closed.

You told me, no one else in this world outside of he and mom, loved me unconditionally.